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Just realized that song was really… should I say…… back in the year 2009, which was when I posted that… If you havent seen it…. GOOD! cuz I posted that on June 11, 2009 at 2:05 am…. wow… I must have been up late on the computer…. LATER DUDES!


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Merry Christmas!

Hey guys, just wanted to say merry early chrsitmas. So what do you guys want for X-mas? Leave me comments! I’ll tell you what I want… 🙂

8947358 Front Detail

Yup. Da Blob for my Nintendo Wii. But I think my Dad already got me something becuase he keeps saying no… Weird. I think he got me a Ipod personally. But whatever, what do you guys want? Oh and for you guys who care. Theres new Gold Member clothes on Dizzywood.

Well got to go eat dinner.

Bye guys!

~Bftuna/Spongeboy/weirdo 😀


Tuesday, December 30, 2008: I got a Xbox 360 and a Ipod Nano with 635 songs for Christmas!!!!!!

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Have you found your secret passage?

New “secret buddy passages” have arrived! let me show you how! Go to your home and look around on your wall paper (rub your mouse over the wallpaper) and it will go over something blue. click it. now click a buddy in your room. Next time someone finds that passage they can go to that buddies room! If your confused look at this picture:


Look closely at the wallpaper and you will see it!


Have fun with this feature! (and look out for the new full screen tomorrow December 6th) Bye!


~Bftuna OUT

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Cool Things have come to Gold Members. :| ( I got it ) some reason I don’t know…. :D

Been pretty long guys, sorry i’ve got nemonia (it’s when you get fluid in your lungs and cant breathe to well) so i’ve been out of date. Heres Mansions and other cool stuff for Gold Members:


We’re thrilled to announce our new Gold Explorer membership! As a Gold Explorer you’ll get all kinds of cool new features, such as:

  • New Mansion homes. These mansions will be multi-room, meaning you can add a kitchen, a dressing room, even a dance floor to your home. Plus every mansion comes with an indoor foyer and an outdoor grounds.
  • A new power called Fashion Sense. With Fashion Sense you can look at the clothing in your friend’s backpack and create a nifty new outfit for them.
  • Special missions that are only available to Gold Explorers.
  • A message device you can use to chat with your friends, no matter what server they’re on.
  • Status message under your buddy name so you can let people know you’re happy, sad, or whatever you want.
  • Exclusive clothing items that are only available to Gold Explorers, like a royal crown or a funky retro airship pilot’s cap with goggles.

That’s just the start. Cool new Gold Explorer stuff will get added all the time. To become a Gold Explorer, just click on the “Upgrade to Gold” button at any time.

So heres my dance party!


and picta numba (2)


That’s all for now! Tune in to the Explorer Journal for more info!

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Sneak Peak

lalalalalala oh im bored so um here have a sneak peak of a soon to come item (yes it plays real music for your room) (good music too lol):

So ya bye…wait why am I posting if no one even comes here… 😡

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Happy Holloween! (almost)

Hey guys just wanted to say happy holloween! How’s it been?  Well heres a picture of me at holloween party on DW hanging wit friends!





My cheese went off before taking picture 😦 lol. Have fun!



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Okay well me and JJTT (my real friend in REAL life) are both quitting dizzywood…It’s just plain boring. And they made it for todlers basicly! I mean what the heck. Me and Buds555 both made a promise to each other:

“If 1 of us quit, we both quit”

so me and him quit. I’m sorry to the dizzywood fans here.

I will eventually make this blog about something eles.

plus I never have time to update it!


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New Dizzywood

Wow Dizzywood is so different… it looks really different. The glitches will be gone in a couple of days hopefully

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